Green Chilli Pickle: A Tangy Twist to Your Everyday Snacks

Green Chilli Pickle: A Tangy Twist to Your Everyday Snacks

Love Green Chilli Pickle? Here's How to Use it Everywhere!

We all know that green chilli pickle is delicious. But sometimes, it just sits on the side of your plate. What if you could use that yummy taste in all sorts of other foods?

This blog is your guide to using green chilli pickle like a pro! We'll show you how to add its spicy, tangy flavor to all your favorite dishes, from snacks to main courses.

Elevate Your Appetizers:

  • Spicy Samosas: Add a dollop of green chilli pickle to your samosa stuffing for an unexpected kick.
  • Crispy Pakoras: Drizzle some pickle over hot pakoras for a flavor explosion in every bite.
  • Tangy Chaat: Spice up your chaat with a spoonful of pickle. It pairs perfectly with savory flavors like dahi (yogurt) and chutneys.

Level Up Your Mains:

  • Curry Cravings: Stir a spoonful of pickle into your curries for a tangy depth that complements any base, from creamy kormas to fiery vindaloos.
  • Dal Delights: Add a dollop to your dal tadka for a flavor boost that cuts through the richness.
  • Rice Revolution: Transform plain rice into a flavor sensation by mixing in a spoonful of green chilli pickle.
  • Noodle Nirvana: Liven up your noodle dishes with a touch of pickle for a spicy and tangy surprise.

Sandwich Savior:

  • Beyond the Blah: Take your grilled cheese or veggie sandwich to the next level with a layer of green chilli pickle.
  • Wrap it Up: Add a spicy kick to your wraps with a smear of pickle alongside your favorite fillings.

Breakfast Boost:

  • Cheesy Scrambled Eggs: Spice up your scrambled eggs with a spoonful of pickle for a unique and tangy twist.
  • Paratha Power: Spread some pickle on your paratha alongside your morning chai for a flavor-packed breakfast.

Beyond the Plate:

  • Snacking Sensation: Elevate your chips and crackers with a side of green chilli pickle for a spicy and satisfying snack.


  • Start with a small amount of pickle and adjust based on your spice preference.
  • Experiment and have fun! Green chilli pickle can be a surprising and delicious addition to many dishes.

With a little creativity, green chilli pickle can become your secret weapon for adding an exciting layer of flavor to your meals. So, unleash the power of the pickle and get ready to experience a world of culinary possibilities!

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