After thousands of years as hunter-gatherers and then small scale agriculture, there was a drastic change post industrial revolution. Population exploded and mass production in factories became the norm. Chemicals and additives dominated our plates. This did not just create a health hazard but an economic and environmental one too. Farmers hardly get any share of profits while doing back-breaking work followed by environment destruction through use of chemicals.

What will change now?

In the world of AI, it’s now time to get back to the roots. Word HoYi means 'Yes' in Uttarakhand. It's a Yes, towards change. HoYi is on a mission to fix this broken food chain with amazing flavours through a network of small farmers using only fresh and natural ingredients produced locally. So now it's time to become a changemaker and switch to handmade goodness so that you not just drive change in your food but also in society at large.

Who are the Founders?

Team HoYi is driven by an army of women farmers in Uttarakhand. They may not know machine learning, but certainly know what quality means. The marketing operations are led by another Co-Founder, Dhruv Joshi, who is passionate about social impact and looks to change the food production systems. He has worked for a few corporates after completing engineering and a degree in management. However, he believes that he has received real education from the co-founding women farmers!