What Sets Us Apart

No Preservatives

Nutrient Rich

High Fiber

Freshly Made

Made in Himalayas

Made by Farmers

Made for Impact

HoYi - Handcrafted flavors from Uttarakhand. Range of fruit jams, chutneys and pickles.

For a chemical free tomorrow

'Experience the joy of handcrafted flavors with wholesome nutrition, connecting generations through the taste of nature'

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HoYi - Traditional organic recipes from Uttarakhand.

Reviving Traditional Wisdom

'Along with traditional recipes, our farmers ensure traditional methods of organic farming with zero chemical pesticides or fertilizers'

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HoYi - Best quality checks at each stage of production

Harvesting change with quality

'We ensure rigorous quality checks at all stages from best quality ingredients, to rigorous checks at hygienic production facility, to testing in world class labs'

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You deserve to know where your food comes from!

Along with local artisanal flavors, we are also building traceable food systems. You can scan our packs to know each details about the supply chain from farm to final production. Traceability also helps us in sourcing the best quality ingredients.

How people see HoYi


"Our daughter has been loving the preservative free strawberry jam since she was 10 months old"

Techie 31, Gurgaon

"The jams feel like having fresh seasonal exotic fruits throughout the year "

Banker 36, Kolkata

"Delicious and healthy range of products for everyone!"

Educator 35, Firozabad

"The Honey reminds me of one that I got from Nilgiris during Ooty days"

Banker 34, Bengaluru

"All Lime Pickles are loved by our family "

Entrepreneur 33, Faridabad

"Mango Chutney reminds me of homemade Chutneys by Nani"

Manager 31, Mumbai