The Journey of our Litchi Honey

Discover the Essence of Litchi Honey: A Journey Rooted in Trust and Transparency

At our core, we value the essence of traceability, trust, and transparency. We believe in showcasing the remarkable journey of our products, allowing you to connect with the dedicated farmers who pour their heart and soul into growing the finest ingredients. Today, we invite you to embark on a captivating exploration of our exquisite Litchi Honey.

The Litchi fruit, renowned for its luscious sweetness and delicate aroma, thrives in the beautiful farms of Kashmir Chand and Diwan Singh. These passionate farmers, hailing from the picturesque Bail Parao Village in Ramnagar, Nainital, Uttarakhand, have embraced organic farming practices, nurturing each tree with utmost care. Their commitment to sustainable agriculture shines through every succulent Litchi they cultivate.

To transform this nature's gift into the golden ambrosia known as Litchi Honey, we rely on the expertise of Umang Mahila Producer Company Limited. This exceptional facility serves as a hub, providing processing services to farmers and empowering women's groups. Anchored by remarkable individuals like Kamla Devi, Tulsi Devi, Mamta Devi, Hansi Devi, Champa Devi, and many others, Umang brings together skill and dedication to create a product that truly captivates the senses.


With a firm commitment to transparency, we ensure that our Litchi Honey is crafted in an environment that adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Our production process is free from chemical preservatives, allowing the authentic flavors of nature to shine through. As you savor every spoonful of our honey, you can relish the knowledge that it is a natural and healthy choice, nourishing your body and soul.

At our enchanting production facility in Naini Village, Ranikhet, we welcome you with open arms. Feel free to visit us and witness firsthand the passion that goes into every jar of our Litchi Honey. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of warmth and authenticity, and let the essence of nature envelop you.

We take pride in our responsible supply chain, recognizing the profound impact our products have on the environment, society, and your well-being. From the hands of the hardworking farmers to your table, our journey is woven with sustainable and ethical practices. By supporting our Litchi Honey, you contribute to the well-being of farmers, empower women's groups, and indulge your taste buds with an unrivaled delight.

Join us on this remarkable voyage of flavor, traceability, and trust. Allow the essence of Litchi Honey to captivate your senses and enrich your connection with the source of nature's bounty. At every step, we remain dedicated to bringing you the best of what the land and its people have to offer.

Welcome to the world of Litchi Honey – a tantalizing blend of nature's sweetness and human endeavor!