The Journey of our Mango Chutney

Harvest and Procurement: Our journey starts with the dedicated women farmers residing, in Nairi, in Dwarahat block of Almora District in Uttarakhand. Led by Devaki Devi, the women of the group nurture the mango with love and expertise, ensuring the finest quality fruits. Once the Mangoes are ripe and ready, they are harvested with care and expertise. 

Processing: The freshly harvested mangoes then travel to the Umang processing unit at Naini village, Ranikhet, where a team led by Basanti Pawar take over. Processing begins in small batches immediately after harvest to preserve the incredible taste and nutrition.

Crafting with Love: Our mango chutney is made with a blend of tradition, love, and determination. The preserves are carefully crafted and packed in jars without any artificial preservatives or flavours, ensuring the flavours are captured naturally.

Empowering Communities

Our mango chutney is not just about great taste; it's about empowering communities, promoting sustainability, and making conscious choices about the food we consume. Join us in supporting the incredible women farmers of Nairi village and the dedicated members as they bring you the finest quality Strawberry Preserve.